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“…blends eccentric indie pop with chamber music… especially effective in the way it hearkens back to the experimental pop music of the 1980s, how it sounds high-gloss and ornate at the same time.”

– Pop Matters


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“Erika Lloyd has a delicate, seraphic voice. Her music quietly drifts into your awareness and gently takes hold of your entire being like an intoxicating spell. She wields beauty and elegance with a tender grace that imbues her work with the uncompromising power of genuine artistry. Lloyd has that rare gift of insight and understanding, which makes her songs disarmingly innocent yet seductively all-knowing.”

– Allen Foster,


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“Lloyd effortlessly blends traditional  choral music with the likes of modern pop – two genres that are on opposite ends of the musical spectrum.”

– Infectious Magazine

“Gem of a pop band!” -The Deli Magazine

“…blends indie cred with classical chops.” -San Francisco Classical Voice

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“These talented, formally trained musicians… have carved out a unique voice. Innovative songwriting paired with creative instrumentation creates music that defies categorization…” -Breakthru Radio


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“Mash up a foundation of classical training with years of honing a pop sensibility, mix in a generous portion of creative originality, a splash of quirk and top it off with the liquid silver of Erika Lloyd’s voice and you get one of Brooklyn’s more unique indie bands.”

-Lyrical Venus, 100.1 FM KRUU